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About Us
  • Maid 2 Shine offer our Clients Professional, Cost- Effective, Responsive and High Quality Corporate Housekeeping Services & Maintenance (Plumbing And Electrical Maintenance Work) in Mangalore. Our Trained Housekeeping And Technical Professional Collaborates with Facility Managers to Improve Operations and Provide a Clean Work Environment. The Customized Housekeeping Services Demand Work on Different Kinds of Surfaces, Along with Impeccable Cleaning of Interior and Exterior. We use Industry Recommended Chemicals, Advanced Cleaning Gadgets and Appliances in the Cleaning Process to Ensure Flawless Services. We consult with our Clients to Develop and Understanding of their Property towards Creating a Unique Service Package with a Systematical Approach. 
  • We know our Potential Customers are more likely to Conduct Business in a Clean and Sanitary Environment than in an unclean one. Studies have also shown that a Clean Working Environment Increases Productivity. 
  • In a place like Mangalore, where development is on a upward trend in leaps and bounds, little time is spent on clean working environment. And, even if one does get time, it is difficult to locate proper Manpower to do maintenance jobs (like tank cleaning, Plumbing and Electrical etc.) 
  • Whether your place of business is small or large, private or corporate, Maid 2 Shine Maintenance & Services Recognizes the importance of a detailed proposal tailored to fit your individual Needs – please call today to discuss your options
We are Giving Best service on Plumbing and Electrical Maintenance Works in Around Mangalore with Reasonable Rate
  • Properly designed, implemented and maintained electrical and plumbing systems can bring years of worry free Enjoyment. The best electrical and plumbing installations are the ones that you forget you even have. Trust Stancom to complete these projects to highest quality standards with only licensed professionals.
  •  We will ensure that all of your electrical systems are safe and working properly. You can rely on us for: design and installation of all electrical systems, wiring, electrical maintenance, all types of lighting installation and troubleshooting, outlets, general electrical Repairs, Circuit Breakers and Panels.
  • Whether you need a new plumbing system installation or maintenance and Repair of an existing system, we are here to help. Call us for your smaller plumbing tasks like clogged drains and stoppages, detection and troubleshooting of leaks, Faucets Installation and Repair, Installation and Maintenance of all types of Water Heaters, Laundry and Dishwasher Machines as well as Gas Appliance Installation. Call us for Major Plumbing Repairs, Service and Installation like: fixing and Replacement of Water and Gas lines, Re-piping, Inspections, Sewer Service, Kitchen and Bathroom plumbing remodel and more … Stancom Construction can do the job right and do it right the first time.


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Maid2Shine Mangalore is a professional cleaner makes your home or office sparkle, and leaves you with more time to relax! Keep your home or office clean and tidy with two or more hours of cleaning from this popular cleaning service